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Case Studies

We know law enforcement recruitment is extremely time consuming, complex and costly. That’s why hundreds of law enforcement agencies are now turning to and moving away from a traditional paper process or general recruitment platforms to a solution that understands their unique recruitment needs. is specifically designed to streamline law enforcement recruitment, providing an on-line application and candidate tracking system that keeps your staff organized, saving time and money.

Galloway Police Department, New Jersey

The Galloway Township Police Department had tried several different hiring methods, which resulted in a lot paperwork. After implementing PoliceApp, the department saw significant savings in time and money, and applications increased 700%.

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Lincoln Police Department, New Hampshire

The Lincoln Police Department was experiencing challenges with marketing and file management, and was devoting a significant amount of time to clerical work related to the application and hiring process. After implementing PoliceApp, the department has an easy, streamlined hiring system that has increased applications dramatically.

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Columbus Police Department, Georgia

The Columbus Police Department had been using a variety of recruitment methods, including billboards, print ads, local movie theaters, a recruitment video, and Facebook, but wanted to give applicants an easier and more efficient way to apply and give its recruiters and background investigators an easier platform to use. After implementing PoliceApp, the department has increased hiring efficiency and seen its applications double.

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Newtown Emergency Communications Center, Connecticut

The Newtown Emergency Communications Center had no central location for HR files, so each application had to be downloaded individually, and a database had to be set up to keep track of applicants. With PublicSafetyApp, the Emergency Communications Center is now reaching the type and quality of candidates they’re looking for, and has a central system to store and manage all relevant information.

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